soil physical properties

Measuring bulk density, electrical conductivity, fibre and moisture content in soil, sand and rootzone.

Bulk Density
ASTM Method : F1815-11 £35.00
Electrical Conductivity
A measure of the concentration of soluble salts in soil/rootzone
(Expressed in µS/cm OR mS/cm)
Fibre Content
Gradation Index (D90/D10)
Gravel Compatibility with Sand/Rootzone
For single layer construction – from the BS Half Octave particle size distribution of the rootzone and the gravel, the D85 and D15 are determined and the bridging, permeability and gravel uniformity factors are calculated. £43.50
Moisture Content
Organic Matter (by Loss on Ignition)
ASTM Method : F1647-11a £41.00
Organics Analysis on Peat (pH, Organic Matter & Fibre Content)
ASTM Methods : D2974-07a (Organic Matter) and D2976-71 Re-approved 2004 (pH) £86.50
ASTM Method : D4972-01 (Re-approved 2007) £16.50
Penetrometer Value & Crusting Potential
For bunker sands to assess the “fried-egg lie” and whether a crust will form on the surface of the sand when it dries out after wetting. £37.00

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