Piltdown Golf Club

“ETL’s Golf Green Health Index testing gave me exactly what I needed to be able to provide performance data to my committee and back up my renovation and budget requests, while also providing something measurable for myself to work with. A factual classification that was easy to understand and a tool to assist me in moving forward”

Matthew Hutchinson, Course Manager

Piltdown Golf Club

The Grove Golf Club

“I selected the Comprehensive Package of GGHI testing at ETL, with the intention of gaining a full suite of data on selected greens at The Grove. Data provided included nutrient analysis, saturated hydraulic conductivity, bulk density and organic matter profile at 20mm increments. The data was presented in an excellent report which gave me a full understanding of the properties of the rootzone in my greens, and provided a technical back-up to support agronomy plans and course renovation dates and tine sizes required to target the deeper compaction.

The indexing of each parameter tested provides a great insight as to how my greens perform when compared to industry standards and norms, and which areas to target.

A highly informative package!”

Phillip Chiverton, Golf Course Manager, The Grove GC

The Royal Automobile Club

“In my opinion, European Turf Laboratories provide an essential service of testing for both turf and rootzone performance. The data results are essential for monitoring surface playability and implement this through guidance and recommendations”.

Lee Strutt, Golf Course Manager, The Royal Automobile Club

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Organic Matter Testing #2

In part two of our organic matter series, Charles Henderson discusses the relationship between moisture content and the organic matter accumulation in our greens. We will also look at how this affects some of the management decisions we make when trying to manage both moisture and organic matter content in our greens. Read full article

Organic Matter Testing #1

Organic matter or the build-up of thatch, remains a dominant issue across many sports disciplines, but has our knowledge and understanding of it moved with the times? Read full article

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