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Latest News

Organic Matter Testing #3

In this, our third article on organic matter, agronomist, Charles Henderson will cover the complex subject of its reduction. Organic matter, in general, is on the increase. Therefore, this makes the reduction of organic matter in greens, relevant to over 90% of us who are involved in managing golf (and bowling) greens, an extremely important subject. Read More.

Organic Matter Testing #2

In part two of our organic matter series, Charles Henderson discusses the relationship between moisture content and the organic matter accumulation in our greens. We will also look at how this affects some of the management decisions we make when trying to manage both moisture and organic matter content in our greens. Read full article

Organic Matter Testing #1

Organic matter or the build-up of thatch, remains a dominant issue across many sports disciplines, but has our knowledge and understanding of it moved with the times? Read full article

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